Ford Explorer VS Toyota Highlander

The Ford Explorer is a popular choice for families because it's roomy and comfortable. The Toyota Highlander is also a popular choice for families, thanks to its spacious interior and comfortable seats. The Ford Explorer is perfect for long road trips because it has a lot of cargo space. The Toyota Highlander is also perfect for long road trips, thanks to its large trunk. The Ford Explorer has a powerful engine that makes it great for off-road adventures. The Toyota Highlander also has a powerful engine that makes it perfect for off-road adventures.

Ford Explorer

  1. The Explorer has more horsepower and torque than the Highlander.
  2. The Explorer has a higher towing capacity than the Highlander.
  3. The Explorer has a larger cargo capacity than the Highlander.
  4. The Explorer has a longer wheelbase than the Highlander.
  5. The Explorer offers more seating capacity than the Highlander.
  6. The Explorer is available with four-wheel drive, while the Highlander is not.
  7. The Explorer offers a variety of engine options, while the Highlander only offers one.
  8. The Explorer is priced lower than the Highlander.
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Toyota Highlander

  1. Highlander is much more fuel-efficient than the Explorer.
  2. Highlander has a much roomier interior than the Explorer.
  3. Highlander has a much higher safety rating than the Explorer.
  4. Highlander offers more features and amenities than the Explorer.
  5. Highlander is much easier to drive and maneuver than the Explorer.
  6. Highlander is available with a wider variety of engine options than the Explorer.
  7. Highlander is available in a wider variety of trim levels than the Explorer.
  8. Highlander is less expensive than the Explorer.

Ford Explorer VS Toyota Highlander Conclusion

The Ford Explorer is the clear winner in this matchup. It outperforms the Toyota Highlander in terms of horsepower, torque, and towing capacity. It also has a more spacious interior and offers more features than the Highlander.