Valspar VS Behr

Both Valspar Paint and Behr Paint are high-quality paints that will give your home a beautiful finish. Valspar Paint is available in a wide variety of colors, while Behr Paint offers a large selection of shades as well. Valspar Paint is known for its durability, while Behr Paint is known for its affordability. Valspar Paint is a good choice for both interior and exterior projects, while Behr Paint is best for interior projects. Valspar Paint is a trusted brand with a long history, while Behr Paint is a newer company but has quickly gained a reputation for quality. Ultimately, both Valspar Paint and Behr Paint are great choices for your next painting project.

Valspar Paint

  1. Valspar Paint is available in a wider variety of colors than Behr Paint.
  2. Valspar Paint is available in both matte and glossy finishes, while Behr Paint is only available in matte finishes.
  3. Valspar Paint is available in both interior and exterior paint formulas, while Behr Paint is only available in interior paint formulas.
  4. Valspar Paint is more affordable than Behr Paint.
  5. Valspar Paint is thicker than Behr Paint, which makes it less likely to drip or run.
  6. Valspar Paint is more durable than Behr Paint, making it better suited for high-traffic areas.
  7. Valspar Paint is easier to clean than Behr Paint.
  8. Valspar Paint has a higher rating from Consumer Reports than Behr Paint.
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Behr Paint

  1. Behr paint is thicker and covers better than Valspar.
  2. Behr paint has a higher sheen than Valspar.
  3. Behr paint is available in more colors than Valspar.
  4. Behr paint is easier to apply than Valspar.
  5. Behr paint dries faster than Valspar.
  6. Behr paint is more durable than Valspar.
  7. Behr paint is less expensive than Valspar.
  8. Behr paint is made in the USA while Valspar is made in China.

Valspar VS Behr Comparison

There is no clear cut answer as to which paint is better, Valspar or Behr. Both brands have their pros and cons, so it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some people may prefer the coverage or color selection offered by Valspar, while others might prefer the affordability of Behr paints.